I have made every effort to develop a comprehensive course that gives you all the tools, information, and sample programs you need to develop your own off-ice training programs. 

However, I realize that some coaches will have an easier time applying this information than others. 

I understand that you are extremely busy with your family and other jobs, and may not have the time to write weekly training programs for your team. 

I would hate for all of this information to go to waste for any of those reasons.  To ensure this doesn’t happen, I have a special bonus offer! 

full course

3-Month Off-Ice Training Programs

Three 3-month ready-to-use off-ice training programs custom-built to suit the needs of your players.  Download it, print it, use it immediately.  I have written three different programs, one each for hockey players competing at the middle school, high school, and college/juniors. Each program includes:
    •    Three ready-to-use dynamic warm-up circuits
    •    An ultimate mobility circuit
    •    Three months of core training programming
    •    Three months of programming coordinating all the variables outlined in the course

Coaches, by having ready-to-use programs for players at different ages and abilities, coaching multiple teams or following your team up through the age groups from year to year won't threaten the quality of your off-ice training.  This programming is GUARANTEED to make your athletes stronger, faster,  more explosive, and better conditioned!

Get your season started the right way!

Three months of programming will allow you to see what types of training your athletes respond best to.  This will give you the additional time and information you need to design the program for the remainder of the season!

This invaluable offer is available for ONLY an additional $27!

Click here to invest in three months of additional programming!


No thanks! I’ll use what I learn from the course to design my own programs.